In 2017 I served as an additional editor Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later. I helped the Abominable Team finalize any last minute tweaks David Wain had, cut in ADR, offered input on VFX, and lent a set of eyes and ears in the color and mix.
Off the back of Wet Hot: TYL, David was also finishing A Futile and Stupid Gesture and was preparing for re-shoots. Credited as a special thanks, I was brought in as an additional editor for two weeks to help assist with the flurry of changes that preempted the additional shooting.
In 2016 I worked off-and-on for Mike Mendel as an uncredited Dialogue Editor for Rick & Morty - often filling in on the weekends when an episode was re-written last minute. The infamous Pickle Rick episode was one such episode. 'Twas gratifying to see the response it got and to have a very, very small part in it.
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