"One of the very first things realised by the identity inhabiting this flesh-and-blood body, all those years ago, was that the best thing ‘he’ could do for other people, at all times and in all places, was to cease forthwith being a miserable and malicious blighter, on whatever justifiable occasion it might be, and instead be someone always pleasant and thus engaging to be with, in all situations and circumstances, with the ultimate aim of having the overarching benevolence and benignity of the universe become apparent, in the everyday/ workaday world, for evermore."

I try to at least :-) I fundamentally think the best thing we can do for each other is to be happy and I am more than pleased to carry such felicitous vibes into everything I do.

I'm a multidisciplinary creative with an emphasis in video editing. Recently, I've been branching out into photography and directing.

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